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American Dental Association
Academy of General Dentistry
American Association of Public Health Dentistry
Federation of Special Care Organizations in Dentistry
Centers for Disease Control/Oral Health Resources
National Health Information Center

Academy of General Dentistry's  Know Your Teeth A comprehensive range of dental care and oral health information.
American Academy of Pediatric  Dentistry's Parent Resources Provides information for parents about dental issues for their children. It also includes a section for and about adolescents.
American Academy of  Periodontology Resources for a wide scope of groups, from parents to senior citizens to women
American Dental Association -
 Public Oral Health Information
Information and news on oral health topics ranging from children to senior citizens. The information is also available in Spanish.
Centers for Disease Control and  Prevention's Division of Oral  Health A wide spectrum of comprehensive information on oral topics for people of all ages.
Colgate Oral Care Information Oral care information for consumers
Connecticut State Dental  Association - Your Oral Health Provides reliable information on topics like oral health for children and adults as well as links to other reputable resources.
Online Sports Dentistry Provides information on sports-related topics including mouthguards, smokeless tobacco and knocked out teeth.
The Maternal and Child Health Library at Georgetown University Provides links to websites of national and state organizations as well as resources on various aspects of oral heath
Procter & Gamble Dental Resources Consumer-oriented oral care information from the makers of Crest products.
U.S. Department of Human  Services - Oral Health Over 50 pages of Frequently asked Questions.